Heart 2 Heart

    Welcome 2 Heart 2 Heart! This website is made up of a group of six girls who's dream is to become a fashion designer!  We have a large variety of sketches that we believe can become a line of famous fashion one day! You can feel free to take looks at our sketches any day of the year. Our goal is to make our designs come alive  and sell at a minimum  price that is affordable and yet unique. Our sketches are 100% original and can't be found anywhere else! Our soon-to-be clothes are 100% polyester, cotton, and/or silk.
    Our inspiration to create such a dream was to become the youngest fashion designers to ever reach their goal to be one of the most famous in the US. When we decided to design clothes, we were at a friends slumber party and decided to create this website. Two of our friends in our group created a web show that is called Girl's Corner and the rest of us loved the idea and started a website and didn't know what to do with it so since we all LOVE designing, we decided to create a line of clothing. In the section "Our Sketches", we have all of our current designs that we now hope to become true.